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IDK man, I make art, that's all, go bother someone else.

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Hi guys, I'm new, an artist looking to branch out, thought I'd try Newgrounds.

I make fractal art, it's made with math and it's more fun than it sounds. Feel free to pm me if you're interested in a commission or in the unlikely scenario in which you are another fractal artist looking to team up.

Rules for commissions:

fractals by nature are kind of hard to control so you're gonna have to be vague with your description. I can make space art, sci-fi stuff, ocean-y stuff, flowers, patterns and optical illusions, basic scenes made with cubes or cool 3D optical illusions made of cubes, and occasionally I might be able to make a 3D thingy.

Very specific things in the fractal world are hard to make because to put it simply each new shape (a straight line for example) is attached to something called an iterator and most fractal software has a limit of 30 iterators.

If you'd like to see an example of one of these things let me know

Prices are based on difficulty of the thing

Blooms (3d flowers) : $10

space scape: $15

Ocean scaoe: $20

Sci:fi stuff: $25

Optical illusions and patterns: $30 (cube based optical illusions are easy to make but take a REALLY long time, others are hard to achieve desired results but usually don't take as long)

3D stuff- this is pretty vague, ask me for an example, I'm rarely able to make these. Base price is $10 but I'd rather you payed me based on what you think I deserve.

Bonus: $5 if you want to pick a colour scheme between 2 and 5 colours or I can attempt black and white or rainbow pieces as well.

If you like my art and are interested in prints, message me and I'll hook you up. I can do art prints, photo prints, canvas prints, and... oh, baby... METAL POSTERS.

Terms: You can use the image for whatever you like other than direct monetary gain, you may, however, use the art I send you to advertise your person or company. I will send you a low resolution preview of the finished image and accept payment if you are happy with the results, after you've received the full final image, there will be no refunds. Depending on what you choose, I also probably won't make anything higher than 4000 x 4000 pixels to prevent physical art theft.